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Freedom Press: “Taking what’s ours” Bundle


This bundle of Freedom Press titles celebrates direct expropriation throughout the ages, from Zapata in Mexico to the ‘Greek Robin Hood,’ via the Makhnovshchina in Ukraine. Telling the fascinating stories of individuals who helped shape twentieth-century radicalism, and the movements they inspired, this selection covers some the most exciting and inspiring gems in the Freedom Press catalogue.


Zapata of Mexico by Peter E. Newell
Emiliano Zapata was the leading figure of the Mexican Revolution of 1910. He fought for the rights of local communities against greedy landlords, treacherous politicians and foreign-owned companies. Under the slogan ‘Land and Liberty!’ he became the purest embodiment of the Mexican Revolution.

ISBN: 1-904491-05-7
Paperback: 211pp


History of the Makhnovist Movement by Peter Arshinov
The Russian Revolution was the time when the old order was totally swept away. Everything was changing and Nestor Makhno and his anarchist army were able to stamp out the forces of the ‘Whites’. Then came the Bolsheviks with their own brutal form of repression..

ISBN: 0-900384-40-9
Paperback: 275pp

A Normal Life by Vassilis Palaiokostas
A Normal Life is the autobiography of Vassilis Palaiokostas, known to the public as the “Greek Robin Hood,” to police as “The Uncatchable.” His is an illegalist existence lived in defiance of the police and of the state, and for decades, it has been a life lived as a fugitive.

November 2021
ISBN: 978-1-904491-40-8
Paperback: 352pp