Freedom Press

Freedom 2021


Brought out for the London Bookfair, this 24-page issue mixes new writing and picks from our newswire.

Topic list

  • HS2: A story
  • Covid and Mutual Aid
  • Confronting the benefit system
  • Thoughts on XR
  • Vassilis Palaiokostas: Greece’s Robin Hood
  • A consideration of the shift to cashless
  • HSG at 30
  • Reviews
  • Kropotkin 100 years on
  • Social media and youth
  • The Freedom Press update

Freedom is the oldest anarchist publication in the English language. Produced by Freedom Press, it was founded in 1886 and continues today as a bi-annual journal available for donation with an associated daily news site, publishing service and bookshop. Based in Whitechapel, the Freedom Press collective runs on a nonprofit and largely volunteer basis.