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Enough: Why It’s Time to Abolish the Super Rich

This, right now, with no excuses, no delays, no equivocation, no loop-holes, no moaning’ Danny Dorling

‘A concise, sharp book that makes an incontrovertible case for a profound redistribution of wealth; and a rousing call to arms to take on the super-rich and build an economy that works for everyone’ Grace Blakeley, author of Vulture Capitalism

The story is all too familiar. The global economy generates immense fortunes for a super-rich elite. Yet at the same time pay stagnates for ordinary workers, food banks proliferate and public services collapse around us.

In Enough, Luke Hildyard argues that far from being the hard-working and productive entrepreneurs that they claim to be, the super-rich are an extractive, parasitic force sucking up a vastly disproportionate share of society’s resources – making the rest of us all poorer as a result.

Politicians make absurd promises about economic growth while ignoring the solution that’s staring them in the face. Enough shows that a major programme of taxes on the rich and economic reform could be used to get the wealth of the one per cent flowing instead to the workers who actually create it.

Luke Hildyard is the Director of the High Pay Centre, a UK think tank focused on pay and employment rights. He has commented on pay and inequality for the Guardian, The Times, Financial Times, Daily Mirror, BBC, Sky News, CNN and CNBC.