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Endometri O, Sis!


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When I hear the name endometriosis, I am struck by the ‘O, Sis’ at the end of the word – it sounds like an exclamation of empathy. This is something every sufferer ought to receive. But unfortunately the reality is often different.

This is my story to date, of being diagnosed with stage III endometriosis. And being told “You don’t have endometriosis”, many, many times, during my road to trying to get care.

My friend Sarah Merton has contributed an essay and artwork, from her position of inside experience, as a fellow sufferer. The 36 page zine includes resources I’ve found useful, and an invite to submit your story to be shared via a WordPress site, if you’d like to:

The zine is inclusive and recognises that trans, non-binary and cisgender female people can all have endometriosis in their bodies.

While I’ve written my story in the context of the South Wales, the challenges to getting quality care are UK wide and beyond. I find comfort and connection in relatability and shared experience, perhaps you do too?

The fee charged goes toward covering costs, postage, printing more and expanding the project in other ways. If cost is an issue for you and you’d like a zine, please message me – no judgement.