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Doc Choas: The Chernobyl Effect


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by Dave Thorpe
with illustrations by Siomon Bisley, Brian Bollard, Brett Ewins, Duncan Fegredo, Rian Huges, Lin Jammett, Pete Mastin, Dave Mckean, Savage Pencil, Ed Pinsent, Bryan Talbot.

From the blurb:
‘No one could be fully prepared for Doc Chaos. This is a comedy of terrors.’ – New Musical Express

“Darling…I want to expose myself forever to your radiation…”

A glorious and disastrous love story in which the object and subject of love are chaos – and nukes. The secret autobiography of the Frankenstein of modern science, Doc Chaos. An allegorical satire on the nuclear age. The Real Truth behind the horror of Chernobyl.

Gut wrenchingly funny. Thoroughly original. This is a brutally accusing novel, specially illustrated by some of the finest talents in British comics today, and written by the imaginative writer of Doc Chaos.

Hooligan Press
ISBN: 1-869802-08-X
88 pages
Black and White