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Disassembly Required: A Field Guide to Actually Existing Capitalism


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Capitalism, arguably humankind’s most powerful invention, now confronts us with fundamental existential questions. Can civil societies survive capitalism? Can life on our planet survive capitalism?

This amazing book is a must-read for anyone concerned about the future. Most of the book is devoted to explaining how capitalism has evolved and how it actually works, which is very different than the fairy tale descriptions of classical economics. In particular, the neoliberal variant of capitalism that has recently emerged with global financialization and austerity marks an historic turn in a direction that serves only the interests of money and the few who have most of it, and not the large masses of people or the planet.

The prescription “Disassembly Required” is a bold conclusion that some may find more wishful than practical. But the simple and hard fact remains that there is no magic solution. Nonetheless, the analysis offered by Geoff Mann regarding alternative possibilities is a further valuable contribution to those who want to build a better world order.