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Breaking Free


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by J Daniels

He’s back and he’s bad.

The press called him “perverted”. The police called him “sick and beneath contempt”. Even the Prime Minister was “utterly revolted”. But he’s proved them all wrong.

Now Tintin’s back with all his pals, battling it out against the State and bringing the old world to its knees, in a classic full-length story of love, struggle and revolution.

Tintin’s earlier adventures during the Wapping dispute are also included in this edition.

“Commie nutters turn Tintin into a comic yob” – Daily Star

” Disgusting – heaven knows what a small child would think if it got hold of this book” – Channel 4

“Absolutely terrible…We have a free press but there is a limit to how far it can go” – The Police Federation

ISBN: 978-1-904491-17-0
192 pages
Black and White