Freedom Press

Black Flag

In their own words, Black Flag magazine’s ethos is:

for a social system based on mutual aid and volutary cooperation – against state control and all forms of government and economic repression. To establish a share in the general prosperity for all – the breaking down of racial, religious, national and sex barriers – and to fight for the life of one world. The Black Flag has been a worldwide symbol for anarchism since the 1880s. It is at base a representative of the negation of all oppressive structures.

Issue 237 is the latest and features: Squats and Resistance, Scotland, Polling, Patriarchy and Men’s Rights, Radical Routes, Lessons from Animal Rights, New Luddism, Trade Union Bill, Breathing Utopia, The fall of Victor Serge and reviews

Some back issues are also available;

Issue 236 from 2014/15 features: the necessity of Afef; Protest and teh law; Post-revolutionary schools; Osbourne’s failed economics; Understanding Iran; Bakunin remembered; The First International; Anarchists and WW1 and reviews.