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Anarchism and Anarchists


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Essays by George Woodcock

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For over 50 years George Woodcock has been a champion of the anarchist movement, insisting that the rights of the individual take precedence over the power of the state. He has been an indefatigable popularizer of such anarchist writers as Michael Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Henry David Thoreau, Paul Goodman and Herbert Read.
Published on the occasion of George Woodcock’s 80th birthday, the essays collected here show that anarchism is as relevant in our age of collapsing nation states and ecological activism as it was during the Spanish Civil War and the Revolutions of 1848. Anarchism and Anarchists presents a history of this vital movement, and offers a libertarian anarchism as an alternative political philosophy to decadent liberalism, moribund communism, and rapacious conservatism.

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ISBN: 1-55082-018-4
266 pages
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