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99% Darkness


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You are fucked. They are fucked. We are fucked. Experience the fuckedness in London, Bogotá and Madrid.

From the blurb:
Protest. Fear. Love. And how to fail in style. Enter a world where a sense of doom is inescapable, but some are still resisting, struggling to live and find love as they kick against the global order pushing down on them.

Whether in Colombia, London or Madrid, the fight is the same fight, and love is still love, and when you fail at either, it hurts.Caught between Colombian guerrillas and European charities, two friends try to forge their own paths, aware that the financial and political forces against them are powerful beyond imagining. Some days even keeping their friends alive and free of prison is a challenge. And as if their opponents aren’t bad enough, they aren’t even sure they can trust themselves.

In dark political times, everyone with the stomach for a fight seeks allies. When every path open to you invites failure, where and with whom will you choose to make a stand?

Common Words
ISBN: 9780992992910
191 pages
Black and White