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Wildcat: Twenty Year Millenium

A selection celebrating 20 years of Wildcat appearances in Freedom newspaper. Continue reading

Wildcat Strikes Again

The second volume of Donald Rooum’s Wildcat cartoons. Continue reading

Wildcat: Anarchists Against Bombs

Arms trade comics by Donald Rooum Continue reading

Wildcat Keeps Going

The latest in the 'Wildcat' series of cartoons by Donald Rooum, this time in full colour! Continue reading

Wildcat: ABC of Bosses

an illustrated lecture on anarchism Continue reading

Wildcat Anarchist Comics

The first anthology of comics culled from the pages of Freedom and other UK anarchist periodicals. Political satire at its finest. Continue reading

The Anarchist Bookfair and Big Freedom Rebuild

Freedom’s been up to a fair bit this year, so ahead of the London Anarchist Bookfair on October 29th this is an update on how the Press is doing, what we’re publishing, and how on Earth we’re going to… Continue reading

Dixie Be Damned

Dixie Be Damned engages seven "hidden" insurrectionary episodes in Southern history to demonstrate the region's long arc of revolt. Continue reading