Sex, work and sex work RABL

An anarchist communist perspective on sex work. Continue reading

Why Work?

A provocative collection of essays by writers from the 19th century through to today Continue reading

deep ecology and anarchism

For the anarchist movement, the 1990s saw a period of defence against capital’s accelerating embrace of environmental destruction which helped to define the movement through to today.

Discourse ranged from a red embrace of automation and demands for a new… Continue reading

The Slow Burning Fuse

In the account of the radical movements that have shaped our history, anarchism has had a raw deal. Its visions and aims have been distorted and misunderstood, its achievements forgotten.

The British anarchist movement, while borrowing from Europe, was self-actuated… Continue reading

No Wall They Can Build

Why do people cross the border without documents? How do they make the journey? Whose interests does the border serve - and what has it done to North America? Crimethinc's latest book answers the questions, drawing on nearly a decade of solidarity work along the border. A must read for those interested in North American border struggles.

Freedom Anarchist Journal Autumn 2017

The latest edition of Freedom's irregular newspaper. Continue reading

Kropotkin: Anarchism & The State

Three essays presented by Peter Kropotkin Continue reading

Pioneers of Ecological Humanism

Examining the lives, works and philosophy of Mumford, Dubos and Bookchin Continue reading

The Substance of Capital

the first book in the "Life and Death of Capitalism" series by Chronos Publications Continue reading

Save the Freedom Building T-Shirt

Tshirt to raise money for building works Continue reading

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