Robert Lawson poetry zines

Robert Lawson’s zines are selling well from our poetry section so we’ve put them up here to see if they sell well to the internet!

The various titles are:


Unabomber Blues

The Angry Brigade

Operating at a Loss

America… Continue reading

Nerd Punk

This first edition of poetry from Henry Raby is out on Burning Eye Books.

When you grow up they tell you to straighten up. Stop playing games. Stop listening to that music. Stop trying to change the world.

Nerd Punk… Continue reading

The Anarchists in London 1935-55

Albert Meltzer's unique memoir of his time with the interwar and post-war British anarchists Continue reading

Imprisoned Voices: Corporate complicity in the Israeli prison system

This briefing collects the memories of the pain, suffering and resilience of Palestinians who have been imprisoned by Israel.

In 2013, Corporate Watch visited the West Bank and Gaza Strip and interviewed released prisoners about their experiences. The 11 accounts… Continue reading

Freedom Journal: Summer 2018

The longest-running anarchist journal still in existence. Continue reading

Sex, work and sex work RABL

An anarchist communist perspective on sex work. Continue reading

Why Work?

A provocative collection of essays by writers from the 19th century through to today Continue reading

Deep Ecology And Anarchism

For the anarchist movement, the 1990s saw a period of defence against capital’s accelerating embrace of environmental destruction which helped to define the movement through to today.

Discourse ranged from a red embrace of automation and demands for a new… Continue reading

The Slow Burning Fuse

In the account of the radical movements that have shaped our history, anarchism has had a raw deal. Its visions and aims have been distorted and misunderstood, its achievements forgotten.

The British anarchist movement, while borrowing from Europe, was self-actuated… Continue reading

No Wall They Can Build

A must read for those interested in North American border struggles. Continue reading