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Cracking the whip – case against the ‘Atos Two’

Two Nottingham residents, a wheelchair user and a retired paediatric nurse, dubbed the ‘Atos Two’, have been charged with aggravated trespass following a protest at the local offices of Atos ‘Healthcare’. They will stand trial at Nottingham Magistrates Court on February 27th and 28th.

Who benefits from claimants?

Private companies accept free labour under government plans The coalition government has finally launched its controversial new back-to-work scheme that will see those claiming benefits forced into compulsory work programmes or risk being excluded from receiving further social assistance. The new work programme, dubbed without irony ‘workfare’, is an attempt by the government to not […]

Work provider cuts jobs

The beginning of April saw the government announce new contracts to run back to work scheme with at least one provider already issuing redundancy notices.  Working Links, one of the successful contractors of the new work programme, is sending redundancy letters to almost 600 of its 2,000 workforce, with the threat that more could follow […]

Jobless Figures Escalate

The number of unemployed people has increased by 753,000 to reach 2.38 million, the largest increase since records began in 1971, according to figures just published by the National Statistics Office. Other figures reveal that the total number of people in employ­ment for the three months to May 2009 has fallen to just under 29 […]