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Greening up football

The appropriately named Forest Green Rovers are looking to become the world’s most eco-friendly football club with the implementation of a number of radical initiatives at the club. The Conference League side based in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire recently launched Britain’s first ever meat-free and environmentally sustainable menu for fans at the stadium.

Italy’s horse racing strikes

Crisis as sport nears bankruptcy Since the beginning of the year Italian horse racing has been at a standstill and tracks closed by a series of ongoing strikes over cuts to funding and the mismanagement of the industry’s finances. During January every racecourse on mainland Italy was affected by a wave of strike action as […]

Sports Articles round-up

Recent sports articles from Freedom newspaper featured on the website Anybody wanting to submit articles to Freedom can do so by simply emailing us at Email: Plus check the Contribute Page of the website to see the type and style of articles we’re looking for: All contributions welcome.

Jeff Monson Anarchist MMA UK Seminars

IMPORTANT: Event has been postponed at the last minute due to non-availability of flights to the UK. Rescheduled for the weekend of 25th. Jeff Monson, the legendary Mixed Martial Artist and anarchist is returning to the UK in March and holding a number of seminars (as well as headlining the Olympian MMA Championships, Liverpool) one […]

Rugby’s working class rebellion

It was as big a clash off the field as it was on – the ordinary working class lads from the mining and mill towns of the newly industrialised north versus the gentleman players and middle class privilege of the south. They called it the great schism and by 1895 it split English rugby completely […]

Football Against the Wall

A documentary film called Football Against the Wall has just be released, and premiered at the Bristol Palestine film festival in December, exploring how football can build connections between communities across the world. It  follows the endeavours of Bristol-based radical sports team Easton Cowboys on their return to the West Bank in 2010 for a […]

Ultras in Egypt

At least 73 people have been killed during a match between Egypt’s bitter footballing rivals Al Ahly from Cairo and Al Masry in Port Said. Most of those who died were young supporters and hundreds more were injured in what is Egypt’s worst footballing tragedy.

Anti-fascism on the terraces

Tranmere Rovers has always been the neglected kid brother on Merseyside, hidden beneath the shadow of the eternal Liverpool/Everton football rivalry. With neither the big money nor the big gates to propel them into premiership star status Rovers have never really competed with the glory hunters, but what they lack in big names they make […]

When Saturday Goes

Saturday 29th October • 3pm • Football league boycott A call for every football fan to boycott the first five minutes of every League game played this Saturday to draw attention to the controversial EPPP (Elite Player Performance Plan) youth academies and show the strength of opposition to the proposals. We are ‘the 72 unite’, […]

It’s kicking off!

Anarchism and football tackling from behind Welcome to one of the new Freedom newspaper feature pages – sport. We will be reporting on non-commercial grassroots activities, the stuff anarchists are involved in and those sports with radical or politically motivated fans. The marriage of anarchism and sport may sit uneasy with some people.