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Notes From The US: Economics, Violence and Environment

Louis Further rounds up the news from the USA you may have missed.    Environment A review published in mid-June by the Associated Press found that the Obama administration does not inspect four out of every ten new high-risk oil and gas wells. It seems that The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been so […]

This is What Democracy Looks Like! : The Fight For The Can Vies Social Centre

In May Barcelona was shook by four days of rioting and protest against the eviction of an established social centre, Can Vies. Juana Belén Gutiérrez de Mendoza looks at the history of the building, and interviews the organisers currently fighting its eviction. Self organised social centre (Centre social autogestionat) Can Vies has been a space […]

‘Detention Centres – Shut Them Down’ – Deportation and Resistance

Movement for Justice have been holding ‘Surround Harmondsworth demonstrations in protest of the inhumane conditions in detention centres. Saul Jay reports. Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre (that’s ‘detention centre’ to the rest of us), is largest of its kind in Europe, holding up to 660 men at any one time. Built close to Heathrow airport, the […]

Notes from the US: Racism, Politics, Violence and Economy

Monthly roundup on the state of the USA by Louis Further   Racism Only months after admitting the uselessness of previous such projects (reported on in Freedom) the New York City Police Department has begun a spying effort which recruits Muslim immigrants in jail to act as informants.

Operation Centurion Enters Second Week: What You Can Do

  The Home Office’s two week attack on undocumented workers got off to a bad start, with an extensive list of UKBA targets being leaked to groups including the Anti-Raids Network. It is due to the hard work of these groups  that workplaces were almost uniformly notified of the impending attention. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of […]

Polls predict purple tide: Will UKIP nail tomorrow’s elections?

  The latest ComRes/ITV News poll predicts that the racist UK Independence Party will scrape in ahead of Labour in tomorrow’s European elections with 33 percent of the votes, with Labour gaining 27, the Conservatives 20, the Liberal Democrats 7 and the Greens  6. UKIP also look set to make significant gains in the locals, […]

Anarchist unions join forces for migrants

Italian and German groups have agreed an ambitious cross-border plan to support migrants and protect temporary workers at a recent meeting in Trieste. Delegates from Freie ArbeiterInnen-Union (FAU) in Germany and Unione Sindicale Italiana (USI) in Italy met in the north-eastern Italian city at the weekend  to talk about issues related to immigration and precarious […]

Worldwide May Day protests

The annual tradition of kicking off on 1st May was admirably upheld all over the world yesterday…

“Farage Wave” earns man £250 worth of pints

A man who made an obscene gesture at the back of UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s head during a live BBC TV interview has been bought £250 worth of pints by fans via PayPal.


Ilie Kareli, a 42-year-old Albanian prisoner dies in Nigrita Prison in northern Greece on March 28, 2014. Nothing unusual about that given the appalling state of Greek prisons and the notorious violence of the prison guards, many of whom are openly supportive of the fascist Golden Dawn. However, what makes this death stand out is […]