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West Mids Antifa Collective on Britain First’s Visit to Coventry

After a weekend that saw demonstrations and actions across the country, West Mids Antifa Collective presents a first hand account of the pro-Gaza and anti-Britain First action in Coventry on Friday, and give an insight into the way WMAC operate.

Why strikes are important to anarchists

In the context of the recent mass one day protest strike on July 10th and the upcoming protest against strike breaking Ritzy workers this Sunday, Rob Ray examines the power of the strike, and the anarchist method of organising one. The anarchist movement, particularly its class struggle element, tends to hold up strike action as a […]

Books behind bars

Rob Ray talks to Lee Humphries, founder of prisoner support charity Haven Distribution, which specialises in educational literature The newest addition to the denizens of Freedom Press made a noisy entrance late last month by thumping down a huge mountain of literature destined for inmates up and down the country. The small but active collective […]

Truth about the Olympics

The brutal truth about the London Olympics Violence, cover-ups and dirty secrets litter the 2012 Games (article from Freedom, June 2012) Mike Wells has been covering the London 2012 Olympics as a photographer and reporter on the Games Monitor website since Stratford was confirmed as the site for Europe’s biggest building project.

Going Beyond Picking Rulers

Re-imagining social organisation after the state The ConDem’s are continuing the grand tradition of all governments in proving anarchists right. Our so-called representatives are able to ignore their manifestos, are free to break their solemn pre-election pledges and vote as they like – all in the interests of capital.

The Northern Anarchist Network: NATO, Libya and utter confusion

Sunday 6th November 2011 I am confronted out of the blue, by a political development in anarchism which has knocked me off my feet.  Surrounded by comrades in a fairly well attended meeting of the Northern Anarchist Network (NAN), and the North East Anarchists last Sunday at The Bridge Hotel Newcastle I listened with my […]

August Riots: causes & consequences

Workers Solidarity Movement, the Irish anarchist organisation have written an indepth examination of the recent unrest in English cities. The police killing of Mark Duggan resulted in four nights of rioting across England. The immediate trigger was the killing itself, and the disrespect shown by the police to Mark’s family and friends. But the riots […]

Peter Kropotkin & Radical Environmentalism (Pt.2)

Part 2: From past to present. Kropotkin’s impact on the modern ecological movement In the previous edition, I outlined briefly the various components of Kropotkin’s political ideology.  In this final instalment I will detail the four main philosophies guiding radical environmental groups in existence today along with their views on revolutionary change and sabotage tactics, […]

Peter Kropotkin & Radical Environmentalism (Pt.1)

Part one of a two part article examining Kropotkin’s influence of the ecological movement Next to Mikhail Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin is the most famous and important of anarchist theorists, and was one of the first to advocate the theory known as Anarchist Communism.  His lifelong love of science and nature led him to develop his […]

Anarchism in the Philippines

Comrades from the far east on the burgeoning anarchist scene there Much is made of the historical connections between anarchism and the Philippines. Not least from the formidable work of Benedict Anderson and his book Under Three Flags which documents the relationship between anarchism and anti-colonialism filtered through the life and works of Jose Rizal, […]