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Shoplifters of the Working Class Unite!

In this piece by Parris Komyune, of the blog Lenin was a Cheeseboard, the morality of expropriation (i.e. nicking stuff, you probably earned it anyway) is explored, and the excuses against it are confronted with the realities created by Capitalism. Over the last decade, Europe has seen a steady increase in the direct action approach […]

The Monarch Of The People?

  A look at the anti-monarchist sentiments flourishing in Spain by Juana Belén Gutiérrez de Mendoza.     Growing up in Spain in the Nineties and early Noughties, society taught you two main principles: ETA are evil murderers but at least they call before they bomb something, and King Juan Carlos I brought in democracy […]

Newsflash: Labour Doesn’t Care About You

It turns out the Left can move people – just not very far or in very interesting directions.    Seeing as how these things are usually rained out or freezing, The People’s Assembly at least managed to pick a nice enough day for their “No More Austerity: Demand the Alternative” march on Saturday (June 21st).

Operation Centurion: An Assessment

Operation Centurion,  a two week long series of raids, ‘cracking down’ on undocumented workers, came to an end yesterday. Across the country, UKBA officers have been turning up unannounced at homes and workplaces hoping to arrest and deport people in what the Home Office has been insisting is an ‘intelligence led’ operation not at all based […]

A tribute to Albert Meltzer

May 2014 is the eighteenth anniversary of the death of Albert Meltzer. To mark it, the Kate Sharpley Library collective have put together this (small) collection of quotes to salute our comrade…

Greece to introduce new ultra-high security prisons

In other Greek prison news, the Ministry of Justice has just produced plans, to be put before the Greek parliament, to introduce a new tier of ultra-high security prison in line with the Spanish FIES (Ficheros de Internos de Especial Seguimiento) and the Turkish “F-Type” prisons.

Capitalism and culture: Crushing “hope and vision”

Capitalism is a system that incidentally and deliberately eradicates alternatives to  itself. Some of this is due to its economic efficiency, but it also deliberately seeks to eliminate any alternatives. For instance, after being elected David Cameron promised to make life more difficult for travellers and squatters, two of the few alternative lifestyles that still […]

The semantics of “austerity”

Jon Bigger looks at how the word “austerity” is being used in the same way as New Labour used “modernisation” – as a mask for neoliberal economics

Squatting as a solution to the housing crisis

  The occupation of the former police station on Lower Clapton Road by Hackney residents who describe themselves as “not political” but homeless provides the owners – namely Free School Trust the Olive School – with the opportunity to prove their claimed commitment to “community service and charitable giving”, as reported on their website.


 Gyorgy Furiosa visits Hampstead’s infamous Bishops Avenue… Nestled between two golf courses in the Hampstead area of North London lies a row of colonnaded mansion houses, each looming from behind stern borders of black iron fencing. Lush vegetation, old trees and rhododendron bushes, subtly screen the opulence from full view of the street. Estate agents […]