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The most popular Freedom Press publications currently for sale. You can either buy from our bookshop or order and purchase directly online (postage and packing free). A full list of all books available online here.

Beating The Fascists: The Untold Story of Anti-Fascist Action
by Sean Birchall
ISBN: 9781904491125
Price £15.00

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Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution
by Pe
ter Kropotkin
ISBN: 9781904491101
Price £15.00

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Zapata of Mexico
by Peter Newell

ISBN: 9781904491057
Price £9.50

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At the Cafe
by Errico Malatesta

ISBN: 9781904491064
Price £7.50

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A Summer in the Park: A Journal of Speakers’ Corner
by Tony Allen

ISBN: 9781904491040
Price £8.50

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William Blake: Visionary Anarchist
by Peter Marshall

ISBN: 9781904491095
Price £6.00

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About Anarchism
by Nicolas Walter

ISBN: 9780900384905
Price £3.50

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The Anarchist Quiz Book
compiled by Martin Howard, with illustrations by Paul Petard

ISBN: 9781904491071
Price £5.00 

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Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution
by José Peirats

ISBN: 9780900384530
Price £11.95

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by Errico Malatesta

ISBN: 9781904491118
Price £5.00

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Anarchy In Action
by Colin Ward

ISBN: 9780900384202
Price £7.50

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A full list here of all books available to buy from Freedom Press online.