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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Noam Chomsky Quotes

an exhibition of letterpress prints by Adam Burton from Saturday 6th October until Saturday 3rd November 2012. The prints will also be on sale, with the proceeds being donated to Freedom newspaper. Click here for details

Freedom, September 2012

September 2012 issue of Freedom The September 2012 issue is now out and available either directly from Freedom Bookshop or from other good radical bookshops or social centres. Stockists: » Freedom Bookshop, London » Housmans bookshop, London » LARC, London » 56a Infoshop, London » Newham Bookshop, London » Pogo Cafe, London » Rough Trade, east London » Rough Trade, west London » Whitechapel Art Gallery, […]

September Freedom out now

September 2012 issue of Freedom  click here for details The September 2012 issue is now out and available either directly from Freedom Bookshop or from other good radical bookshops or social centres, or why not take out a yearly subscription and have the paper delivered to you every month at a discounted rate.  

Attica Prison riot

(taken from Freedom, October 2011) It was inevitable that the 10th anniversary of 9-11 would be ubiquitous in September’s media, just as inevitably there would be scant coverage of a different, though still significant, anniversary of a rather different atrocity perpetrated on American soil on almost the same day 30 years earlier – the brutal […]

First things first…

Review taken from Freedom, February 2012 Joe Maguire on a welcome new overview of our age-old aspirations Introductions to anarchism are always going to be hard work. Anarchism is a pretty hetero­geneous entity, with a lot of scope for emphasis on organisational forms, strategies and tactics. That’s why calls for recommending a beginners’ text are […]

The War on Terra

MUSIC REVIEW by Tom Jennings (taken from Freedom, March 2012) The War on Terra Verbal Terrorists This superb hip-hop set from Newcastle’s finest trumps their accomplished debut Small Axe (reviewed in Freedom, 17th January 2009), which evoked Bob Marley’s David and Goliath metaphor while hinting at humility against the grandiose grains both of rap’s trademark arrogance […]

mid-exhibition Blakey Bash

Blakey Bash

On Thursday 6th September 2012 from 6.30pm until 8.30pm there will be a mid-exhibition Blakey bash featuring music, poetry and more… Click links for details of the Blake exhibition, for details of this mid-exhibition event or to find out more about the Freedom Press book William Blake: Visionary Anarchist by Peter Marshall.

Remembering London 1912

Rudolph Rocker’s autobiography recalls alternative events fit for commemoration in 2012, writes Iain McKay (from Freedom, July 2012) While much attention will be directed towards London for the expensive Olympic farce, 2012 should be marked for far more important events – the 100th anniversary of the two great strikes by tailors and dock workers. At […]

A sideways look: ‘disability’

(from Freedom, March 2012) Some time ago a colleague had a serious accident. It meant that for a time he couldn’t walk or put any weight on his legs. He coped okay with all that, but found it really difficult when he tried to get anywhere, and the reaction of people to him once he […]