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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

It’s in the genes

Is the ‘selfish gene’ merely excuse for Thatcherite individualism, asks Richard Frost, and is mutual aid the true human nature? (article taken from Freedom, 6th December 2003) It is curious that Maggie Thatcher announced that there was no such thing as society just as evolutionary theory was becoming dominated by the most extreme form of […]

Ryan Harvey Gig at LARC

So we tried to get him to play Freedom but LARC’s bigger and they’re our mates so here’s a big plug for his event on Saturday 28th July from 8pm at London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London E1 1ES. Occupy and Beyond – songs and stories from the global uprisings…  See the […]

Truth about the Olympics

The brutal truth about the London Olympics Violence, cover-ups and dirty secrets litter the 2012 Games (article from Freedom, June 2012) Mike Wells has been covering the London 2012 Olympics as a photographer and reporter on the Games Monitor website since Stratford was confirmed as the site for Europe’s biggest building project.

Recent London ABC Actions

On 16th June we attended a demonstration at the American Embassy to support Chrisman “Ce Ce” McDonald. Ce Ce has been jailed for 41 months for manslaughter in Minneapolis after defending herself from a racist and transphobic attack. Supporters from round the country came to show solidarity, hand out leaflets, chant our support and exchange […]

Libertarian parenthood

Even with the pressures of having children, there is a better way of bringing them up, says Steve McKee in this article from Freedom dated 17th April 2004 Are children a burden or a blessing? Contemporary society struggles with its views on children and childhood. Youth is simultaneously seen as an ideal and as a […]

The future of Freedom

Now that we’re bust and what we’re going to do about it As many comrades are aware, Freedom has continued thanks to a significant donation in 2005. This not only enabled us to keep the paper going, but also to publish large print runs of important anarchist classics and undertake work to the building such […]

Blake-inspired show

There will be a group show of work inspired by William Blake to be held in the Autonomy Club at Freedom Press, opening on Thursday 2nd August at 6.30pm, with music, poetry and other fun tbc. Read more  

Do the drugs work?

Take the drugs but don’t let them take you for a fool – a look at the global drugs industry by Marie Jean in this article first published in Freedom, 1st May 2004 Hypocrisy is rife around the issue of drugs. The basic law of supply and demand is deemed okay when it comes to arms […]

Capitalism by design

Modern city planning serves the interests of the rich and powerful, not us, says Richard Griffin in this article from Freedom, 6th December 2003 Capitalism touches almost every aspect of our lives. Very little is unscathed even the space we live in. Architecture, design, building techniques, property use and access are all mediated by the […]

July issue of Freedom out now

July 2012 issue of Freedom  click here for details The July 2012 issue is now out and available either directly from Freedom Bookshop or from other good radical bookshops or social centres, or why not take out a yearly subscription and have the paper delivered to you every month at a discounted rate.