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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

NetPol Conference

The conference will take place on Sunday 20th May, from 10.30am, at the Bishopsgate Institute in Bishopsgate. Further details, including a programme of events, and directions to the venue can be found on our conference website. Netpol are hosting the conference as part of our campaign to kettle police powers. The conference brings together […]

Deaths in prison

Since Freedom shifted from fortnightly to monthly publication the prison news just comes too thick and fast to really be able to give all the often startling (even for an old hand like yours truly) news a fair crack with regards to column inches. So it has become a question of either short pointers to […]

Anarchist and radical news update

After John Foley’s impressive action in handcuffing himself to the goalposts during an important premiership match to highlight his Ryanair Don’t Care campaign, Solidarity Federation put their support behind the International Week of Action Against Ryanair on 12th -18th March.

BP faces trial for oil spill

Almost two years after the oil rig explosion off the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 workers and spewed nearly five million barrels of oil into the sea, British Petroleum (BP) will face a civil lawsuit in New Orleans. The non-jury trial will be divided into three phases, the first of which was to begin […]

Hecate’s Prophecies’ Reading Group

Friday April 13th. As part of the Moving Forest event in July (a Macbethian movement and expression against Olympic militarisation securitisation of the city) a ‘Hecate’s Prophecies’ Reading Group is being …cont

The Battle of Saltley Gate

On one cold February morning in 1972, as planned, they marched down to the big iron gates of the Saltley Coke Depot in the centre of Birmingham. They began arriving early that morning thousands upon thousands of them, stretched down the main road as far as the eye could see, and they didn’t stop coming, […]

Doors closed on The People’s Cafe

Another setback for the people of Edinburgh as occupied social centre is closed. So what went wrong? The proposed centre for ‘non-commercial activity’ re-opened its doors to the public on the 30th November last year with a programme of participatory events that involved other non-profit organizations, local residents, activists and members of the Bilston Glen […]

Freedom, April 2012

This month’s issue of Freedom is available to buy in the shops. The UK’s longest running anarchist publication is now monthly, with new sections, more features, and an expanded format – all for just £2. More…

Claimants Fightback

The recent occupation of Oxford Street in central London by a group of disabled, sick and elderly people, disability campaigners and anti-workfare activists was the latest protest against the introduction of the Welfare Reform bill currently passing through Parliament. The legislation seeks to impose benefits caps, mass health and disability testing programmes, workfare and the […]

Secret police in the dock

An important high court case is currently being decided upon that will, whatever the outcome, have a massive impact on radicals and anarchists, especially those who play an active role in putting their politics into practice.