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Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Pop Up Social Centre Glasgow

30th March until 1st April 2012 PoP-Up Social Centre Glasgow Social Centre Pearce Institute 840 Govan Road Glasgow G51 3UU MAP

When houses stop being homes

From 1 January 2012, a million tenants renting in the private sector reliant on welfare support have been hit by the Coalition’s cuts to Housing Benefit, placing many at risk of eviction, displacement and homelessness. Stuart Hodkinson from Leeds University sets out the policy changes.

Greening up football

The appropriately named Forest Green Rovers are looking to become the world’s most eco-friendly football club with the implementation of a number of radical initiatives at the club. The Conference League side based in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire recently launched Britain’s first ever meat-free and environmentally sustainable menu for fans at the stadium.

John Brailey obituary

Stoke Newington, 2 April 1934-Lewisham Hospital, 21 March 2012 – printer, bookseller, anti-war activist and life-long anarcho-syndicalist John Brailey, SOGAT rank-and-file militant (with fellow anarchist Albert Meltzer) and anti-war activist, worked for many years as a printer in Fleet Street until the mid-1980s when the newspaper print industry moved to Wapping, after which he became […]

US schools ban books

Tucson school authorities list books that can’t be taught or read in schools It’s getting harder and harder to resist the temptation to see the United States as heading for true fascism and totalitarianism. If not across the board, then noticeably in geographical pockets and specific areas of legislation.

Watching the police

FITwatch public meeting • Report back from police tactics at the NHS demonstration FITwatch: The Open Public Meeting Sunday 25th March • 1pm London Action Resource Centre (LARC) 62 Fieldgate Street Whitechapel London E1 1ES MAP

Italy’s horse racing strikes

Crisis as sport nears bankruptcy Since the beginning of the year Italian horse racing has been at a standstill and tracks closed by a series of ongoing strikes over cuts to funding and the mismanagement of the industry’s finances. During January every racecourse on mainland Italy was affected by a wave of strike action as […]

Anarchist and radical news update

Workers bike co-op • New anarchist publishers • The Cunningham Amendment periodical • campaign to save public woodland Bike Workshop Birmingham Bike Foundry is a workers’ co-operative. We offer maintenance and cycle training to members of the public, schools and businesses. We offer workshop repairs, wheel building, and a tool club where you can come […]

The cost of criminalising squatting

//UPDATE from the House of Lords Debate// SQUASH, Squatters Action for Secure Homes, has produced a damning report into the true cost of criminalising squatting. The campaign group has collected and analysed information regarding the current housing crisis, empty properties and squatting in order to assess the financial implications of criminalising squatting in England and […]

New Oil Troubles in Nigeria

Mass unrest over lucrative industry resources Beginning on the 9th January, for several days Nigeria was rocked by countrywide industrial strikes and popular protests against the doubling of petrol prices as a result of the government withdrawing oil subsidies. The removal of subsidies forms part of wider neoliberal ‘reforms’ to the oil sector.