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Finding the Anarchy

Throughout my childhood there were always people watching, shop staff, teachers, parents, police , priests all watching and waiting to come down on you. Then I saw my head teacher was dragged out of school in handcuffs, she’d been stealing school funds to goon sexy weekends away with the local priest… I was shocked, Authority and God were mangled and I supplemented a good catholic upbringing with a healthy dose of shoplifting, fair evasion and underage drinking.

At 16 I moved school and found the middle classes. When I first saw one of their houses I thought it was a joke- on top of their own rooms they had spare rooms. Spare fucking rooms and they didn’t even seem to know their lives were better. I hated them, I wanted their money and their harmonious lives.

But I was alone, my mates were drifting to the right, more angry about immigration than wealth distribution. I left London, happy to get away and looking to get a better idea of the world through Essex University.

I tried the, socialists, communists, every type of Marxists but it was all theory, 1917 was more important than today. For them it wasn’t personal, and the more I spoke to them the more I found them to be the same middle class fucks I’d hated as a kid. No matter what meeting I went to I never found my own class just a load of dicks. I even tried Anarchists but got put off at the start of the meeting because everyone stank of vodka and Humus.

I passed my degree just as the recession kicked off. These bankers…I figured I’d try radical politics again an went to the Anarchist Bookfair, on the way out I was handed a glossy poster “an Invitation to Whitechapel”

A few days later I was at the first public meeting of the Whitechapel Anarchist Group. My class, My hate, these people got it – Within a few weeks we had a paper- it was clunky, a bit hard to read but full of spunk and class rage- all were handed out over the course of a few weekends on Brick Lane. Every handout led to fun conversations, I stopped being just a pissed off teen crying about someone with a few more quid then me, I was talking politics daily, reading about anarchism in the LARC library,  action after action. I was in Love, I found where my class was and where my politics were and it was with the Anarchists.

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