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Monthly Archives: November, 2011

N30 police station support – can you help?

We need people to volunteer to do police station support for November 30th! Having someone to meet you and help you out after you’ve been arrested can make a massive difference to how traumatic the whole experience is, and all you need is a friendly face, a pad of paper and your phone. Other potentially […]

N30 must just be the beginning

Statement of Anarchist Federation (London) on N30 Perhaps as many as three million workers will be striking on November 30th in the biggest round of industrial action since 1926, with members of 24 unions represented. Alongside this will be various actions including occupations and demonstrations.

Infamous Anarchist club needs your help

Bradford’s long running anarchist 1 in 12 Club in set for closure unless it can get the building up to fire standard regulations. They have just six weeks left in refurbishing the entire place and are calling upon the UK anarchist movement to roll up their sleeves and chip in. If you have time, money, […]

Freedom stall on N30 demo, London

Freedom Press will be having a stall at the beginning of the main public sector march in London (Lincoln’s Inn Fields) on Nov 30. We will be distributing all manner of political material to the striking workers. If you have propaganda you want distributed or put on display either bring it down to Freedom bookshop […]

Freedom monthly paper now online

Freedom Oct 11 We are in the process of putting all Freedom newspaper articles online, and given we’ve just changed to a monthly publication thought it would be a good place to start with our first monthly issue – October. Have a read through the articles to get an idea of what the content of […]

Everybody out!

Public sector strike for November 30th The announcement last month that public sector workers will be balloted for strike action on November 30th could see more than three million people, ranging from teachers, firefighters and refuse collectors to local government workers, hospital staff and environmental workers, walk out on what some are predicting will be […]

The Northern Anarchist Network: NATO, Libya and utter confusion

Sunday 6th November 2011 I am confronted out of the blue, by a political development in anarchism which has knocked me off my feet.  Surrounded by comrades in a fairly well attended meeting of the Northern Anarchist Network (NAN), and the North East Anarchists last Sunday at The Bridge Hotel Newcastle I listened with my […]

All out on November 30th! ALARM statement & new freesheet

Solidarity to the strikers The All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement (ALARM) would like to express solidarity with the 3 million workers taking strike action on November 30th. We are workers, students, the unemployed, trade unionists, parents, carers, activists. Many of us will be striking on that day and many more of us will join you […]

Lucien van der Walt Talk – Dec 10th

We are pleased to have Lucien van der Walk co-author of Black Flame (the revolutionary class politics of anarchism and syndicalism) coming to speak in the shop on Saturday 10th December at 2pm. More…

Universities occupied!

Nov 23rd Day of Action in support of education Students across the UK occupied a number of universities as part of the national day of action called by National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) in support of free education and against privatisation. The day of action followed on from N9 national student demonstration and […]