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Monthly Archives: September, 2011

June 30th: An anarchist teacher’s perspective

With the up and coming Nov 30th general public sector workers strike and ‘day of action’, and the Nov 9th national demonstration for education we re-visit an article written by an anarchist teacher after the recent June 30th one day strike as a useful guide to possible strategies and how we can best utilise our […]

Writing for Freedom

Writing for the paper Freedom newspaper is the longest running anarchist news publication in the UK and the only general nationwide anarchist newspaper currently in circulation. As of October we will be producing a monthly 24 page (8 full colour pages) edition with new sections, features, and an improved format and we are looking for […]


Social centre help Kebele infoshop has been distributing radical literature and music for over 10 years. It aims to contribute to the dissemination and discussion of radical history, ideas and movements for revolutionary change. We hope that the infoshop has contributed over the years to many people’s choices to work for freedom and autonomy and […]

State hacking

Hacking into the computer systems of government agencies and institutions seems to be an exercise in objective defiance by a newly politicised generation of computer literate youngsters. Both Anonymous and Lulzsec internet hacking teams have made the news in recent weeks with their audacious cyber attacks on sensitive government computer systems. And whatever people may […]

Freedom Press Double Launch Night

Cover of the new Freedom – out Oct 1st Saturday 1st October 6pm Housmans bookshop 5 Caledonian Road Kings Cross London N1 9DX MAP Freedom Press is proud to announce the launch of a brand new Freedom Press publication Wildcat Keeps Going and the re-launch of Freedom newspaper as new monthly edition. Come on down […]

London AF meetings

London group of The Anarchist Federation meets weekly on Thursday evenings at Freedom Bookshop. If you would like to attend please email More…

Occupation of Wall Street

The dawn of a new American uprising, or a formulaic reaction bound to fizzle out? The belly of the beast, the finance capital of the world’s richest country, is experiencing some uncomfortable rumble. Wall Street (the equivalent of London’s City) has been directly targeted by protesters as the focus of their anger. On 17th of […]

Fracking ‘ell

Protesters climbed the exterior of Blackpool tower and hung two massive 500ft banners declaring ‘fracking is coming to the UK – we can stop it! ‘to highlight the problems of a dangerous new mining process that is being tested on UK soil. The climbers are part of a group who have just launched a direct […]

Battle of Dale Farm – Mon 19th Sept

UPDATE: Dale Farm residents have won a temporary injunction restraining Basildon Council from clearing the site pending a further High Court hearing on Friday. Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart granted the injunction at London’s High Court on the basis there was a realistic apprehension that the measures to be taken – while genuinely believed in by the […]

Punk football

News in brief from around the grounds » The first corporate sponsors of FC United of Manchester, everyone’s favourite punk football team, may have given much needed cash to the club but they won’t be getting the company’s name on the players shirts. “What we are against is putting commercial interests before those of the […]