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August Riots – the anarchists perspective

We are compiling a list of the anarchist viewpoints on the riots, as well as informed opinion from the radical community, and useful eyewitness accounts. This is intended in some way to counterbalance the mainstream media’s propaganda machine which is following a very State-led narrative designed to reinforce the legitimacy of the social infrastructure which was ruptured, briefly, by the countrywide riots and social unrest of the past few days.
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Anarchist perspectives
» North London Solfed’s statement about the riots
» Fucking Hell! Veteran anarchist Ian Bone gives his view of the riots
» ALARM statement – Understanding the riots- where next?
» Tower Hamlets ALARM – The story so far, in summary
» Haringey Solidarity Group – Some Thoughts About the Tottenham Riots
» Hackney Anarchist Group – Some reactions after Hackney riots
» Schnews (Brighton’s weekly direct action newsletter) – The Big Smoke
» Occupied London (Greek anarchists in London) – Eyes wide open in London
» Fitwatch – Fitwatcher’s view of the riots
» Ewa Jasiewicz (political activist and occasional Freedom contributor) – Some thoughts on what’s been going on in London
» Donnacha DeLong (radical NUJ activist) – Riot criminality is a product of consumerism and social breakdown
» Criminality and rewards by an anarchist in Brixton
» Statement on riots by The Porkbolter, long-standing anarchist newsletter in Worthing, Sussex

Other political viewpoints
» North London Unity Demonstration statement
» Free Association – AA+ for the rioters?
» Commune (free communist) paper – nothing to lose nothing to win
» RMT Stratford no.1 branch resolution – The riots
» Red Pepper – riots a grim mirror image of neoliberal britain
» Anti-Cuts Space (London) – A message to a country on fire
» When is a “riot” a revolt? A view of the riots from the US
» Nothing ‘mindless’ about rioters by Dan Hind

Eyewitness accounts
» Birmingham
» Bristol
» North London – Tottenham Tottenham burning
» North London – Edmonton
» North London – Enfield Police monitor beaten in back of police van
» East London – Hackney (1)  it’s all about class
» East London – Hackney (2) report from the Commune paper
» East London – Hackney (3)
» South London – Walworth
» South London – Catford rioting for fun and profit
» Manchester
» Salford and Manchester

Informed mainstream reporting
» London rioters resent media image of hooded teen thug (Reuters)
» Chumbawamba’s Boff Whalley ‘In defence of anarchy’ (Independent)
» Paul Lewis’s five-day journey (Guardian)
» Detailed Wikipedia entry on the riots (Wikipedia)