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Monthly Archives: August, 2011

Notes from the US

Environment In Montana in early July, an oil pipeline operated by Exxon Mobil ruptured beneath the famous Yellowstone River leaking as much as 42,000 gallons of crude oil. Although the company originally claimed that the spill affected only 10 miles of the river, a distance of 150 miles was soon revealed as accurate.

Carlo Giuliani Park

On the tenth anniversary of the killing of anti-capitalist protester Carlo Giuliani by Italian police at the anti G8 summit protest in Genoa, a memorial park was opened in Kreuzberg Berlin to commemorate his death, and as permanent reminder of the power of resistance and the fragility of human life.     Article originally appeared […]

Death in Genoa

I tried to help Carlo Giuliani but he was already dead. Here is my account. It was a human form but it was not a human. Life had left his body, the soul departed, the brain expired:- whatever conceptual or narrative terms you choose to couch it in, for me it seemed and remains an […]

Bash Back! – No more hell raising

The US state’s final clamp down on the queer anarchist action group The Lansing chapter of the queer anarchists Bash Back! Network have been served a court injunction that permanently prevents them from disrupting religious services anywhere in the United States. The fourteen named individuals are also permanently prohibited from conducting protests on the private […]

Atos Macht Frei – That Censored Carer Watch Post Revealed!

Thanks to cunning use of’s excellent analytics widget (who loves ya wordpress) we can reveal the post which led to poverty pimps Atos issuing legal threats against the Carer Watch forums. It turns out that it was a repost of a piece (re-produced below) which first appeared on the Void blog

Atos Origin vs the internet – Stop Atos censorship!

The Carer Watch forums forced offline by poverty pimps Atos Origin are still not back despite Atos claiming to be willing to negotiate. It now appears that Atos are refusing to even state which posts on the site, a volunteer-run online meeting place for disabled people and their carers, they have deemed to be ‘libellous’.

New Freedom Press book

Wildcat Keeps Going ISBN: 978-1-904491-14-9 Price: £5.00 Donald Rooum (coloured by Jayne Clementson) Freedom Press Buy or order in store Another classic set of satirical political cartoons from the pen and the mind of Freedom’s longest serving comrade.

Dale Farm eviction resistance

‘BIG WEEKEND’ PREPARATIONS : : : Important update : : :   Saturday 27th – Monday 29th August is the Solidarity Long Weekend at Dale Farm and the opening of Camp Constant, built to resist Basildon council’s attempt to evict families from Europe’s biggest Travellers site in Essex.

New issue of Freedom (#7216) out now!

Latest edition of Freedom #7216 WE’VE HAD ENOUGH! available to buy. Either directly from Freedom or at all good radical bookshops or social centres. Stockists: » Freedom Bookshop, London » Housmans, London » LARC, London » Cowley Club, Brighton » Kebele, Bristol » Sumac Centre, Nottingham » News From No-where, Liverpool » ACE, Edinburgh » […]

Police raid on local radical paper

State repression of political dissent On the afternoon of August 17th, police raided a house in central Bristol where an editor of local newspaper The Autonomist lives. Riot police kicked down the door of the property without warning, detained the inhabitants for two hours, and seized articles relating to the production of The Autonomist. Delighted […]