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Monthly Archives: July, 2011

Notes from the US

American public life seems at times to be built on a series of facts – none of which is true! Take Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s recently announced candidacy for the Republican 2012 presidential nomination. Not only did she commit several gaffes on television in the days before her much-heralded announcement, misstating historical facts (for example, […]

Voices from around the movement

A look around what’s happening on the political scene Canny Little Newcastle Library In Newcastle-upon-Tyne there is a new collection for anyone wanting to use and find out more about critical and alternative ideas. While local public libraries face funding cuts, the Canny Little Library, based at the Star and Shadow Cinema, is a free […]

Police free to kill

Friends and family of Kingsley Burrell, a 29 year old father who recently died in suspicious circumstances while in the custody of the police, gathered in Birmingham city centre on Saturday 2nd July and marched with a crowd of over 1000 people to West Midlands police headquarters in an angry protest calling for justice and […]

Norway massacre: An anarchist perspective

I’m sure many of you watched the scenes taking place in Norway with horror and rightly so. Particularly disturbing was the knee jerk reaction, reminiscent of the news coverage following the immediate aftermath of the Oklahoma bombings, the continual repetition that the incident had all the characteristics of an Islamist plot. 

Murray Bookchin in London

Written some twenty years ago and just republished by the Anarchist Library, ex-Freedom editor Charlie Crute gives us his impressions of one of the giants of modern anarchism. Murray Bookchin, now in his early seventies, was born into a tradition of iconoclasm. His parents h ad emigrated to New York after the 1905 revolution in […]

Latest issue of Freedom available now!

Latest edition of Freedom #7214 Power, Corruption and Lies is now available to buy. Either direct from Freedom bookshop or any good radical bookstore. Alternatively take out a yearly subscription. More…

125 years is a long time in politics

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed this year is the 125th anniversary of Freedom Press. Founded the same year as the Haymarket tragedy, we remain as committed to the expression and dissemination of anarchist ideas as when the paper was originally published in October 1886.  The first issue came out under the banner […]

News in Brief – International

Chile There has been a week of violent protests in Dichato against the government’s lack of response to the devastation caused by last year’s tsunami. Victims of the disaster are still waiting for assistance in rebuilding their communities. The residents’ demands include housing for all regardless of financial status, reconstruction of the local school and […]

Anti-cuts forum: Freedom bookshop tonight!

Image: courtesy Urban75 Anti-Cuts Forum Thursday 21st July • 7pm Freedom Bookshop Angel Alley 84b Whitechapel High St London E1 7QX MAP » Anarchist Federation (London) » Solidarity Federation (North London) All welcome!

New issue of Freedom #7214 out now!

Latest edition of Freedom #7214 Power, Corruption and Lies available to buy. Either directly from Freedom or at all good radical bookshops or social centres. Stockists: » Freedom Bookshop, London » Housmans, London » Cowley Club, Brighton » Kebele, Bristol » Sumac Centre, Nottingham » News From No-where, Liverpool » ACE, Edinburgh » Word Power, […]