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More anarchist arrests in Italy

A second wave of arrests of radicals took place in Florence at the beginning of May. The operation, led by the police and secret service departments, concluded with a total of 78 people under investigation, 22 banning orders and five under home arrest.

All are believed to be connected with the local social centre Spazio Liberato 400 colpi (Liberated Space 400 Blows), which played a huge part in the student protests of last autumn. The charges are similar to the ones made against the Bologna arrestees last month, that of subversive and criminal association, but some are more specific: damage to private or public property, illegal occupation of public buildings, violence against police officers, disruption to public services. These all refer to the direct actions and protests that student groups carried out all over Italy between November and December 2010, when huge groups of protesters occupied train and bus stations, monuments and other public places.

The 78 people under investigation are all believed to have participated in actions that took place during those months in Florence, such as damage to banks and cash points, sabotage of CCTV installations, damage and attacks against headquarters of local political parties and international companies, the occupation of train stations and main roads.

In a statement from Spazio Liberato they say: The media can keep portraying us as an isolated anarchistic sect if they want, but we know that out there, in the streets, in universities, in neighborhoods, there’s plenty of people who know and recognise us as comrades”.

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