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What’s it all about Alfie?

As predicted it this organ (Cop Tsunami On the Way- issue 7207 9th April) the Rossers are rounding up all and sundry. You can catch up with the latest on our website. Meantime they are still on the case of people who protested last year. On 9th December Alfie Meadows got a bop on the head from the Cops and woke up with not just the birds and stars flying round his head but in need of life saving brain surgery. However he may have had an even bigger shock last week when he found out he was being charged with violent disorder.

Traditionally it’s better to get a kicking than a nicking but to come within an ace of death and still be facing a stiff jail term takes the biscuit. Lucky for Ian Tomlinson that the cops killed him or he’d be up for GBH. In total on 26th and 27th April  20 people answered police bail for the 9th December demo. Fourteen have been charged with Violent Disorder, one with Affray, one with Criminal Damage while four teenagers got “final warnings” for Violent Disorder. By the time you read this it is certain many more will have been added. The March 26th investigation has identified 74 suspects beyond the 201 arrested on the day in total.

The four student demo’s in London have resulted in 366 arrests so far, 153 of these were for breach of the peace but and there are now lots of cases coming to court. Sneakily the C.P.S are sending the crown court cases to Kingston in the hope of getting middle class juries more likely to convict “scruffy lefties“. As to the Royal Wedding the cops arrested 55 people (including the usual drunks and pickpockets). However 37 were released without charge. Again 23 were for breach of the peace (which isn’t even a criminal offence). After Stokes Croft Avon and Somerset Police have issued pictures of 50 people they want. So far there have been 30 arrests including one for attempted murder of a police officer. Obviously what the cops arrest for and what the C.P.S will charge are not the same thing but it looks like a tough time ahead for activists all over.

These comrades need our support. While ensuring they get good solicitors with expertise in protest law is important we also need to have people to go to court cases meet people and show solidarity. You don’t need great knowledge of the law to do this but being able to explain what happens in court is very useful.

If you would like to get involved in court support contact the Legal Defence and Monitoring Group:


Article originally appeared in Freedom #7209
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