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Changes to the letters page

Due to the fast moving nature of modern social media with email, Facebook and now Twitter, and the internet generation’s ease of communication no-one seems to be putting  pen to paper anymore, and the art of letter writing has ceased to be an art. So after several months’ consideration we have decided to dispense with the letters page in its current format. We still want people to write to us, but rather than a letter (of complaint, criticism or correction) we encourage people to write a counter article that will generate debate and open discussion. Plus below each of the articles published on the Freedom website there is now a comment section where people can leave their thoughts and opinions. We will continue to publish any worthwhile communication, but from now on P11 will be given over to ‘the movement’ where we take the best of current political writings to give a snapshot of what is being said and done by anarchist and radical groups and individuals across the political spectrum.

The fact that there’s three anarchist bookfairs during May is a clear signal of how anarchism is developing and opening itself up to new audiences. So below we let the groups involved in organising them tell you about what’s happening.



Article originally appeared in Freedom #7209
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