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Monthly Archives: May, 2011

Freedom #7206 March 26th Protest Special

It’s Kicking Off Big Time March 26th Action Map Legal advice – Do i have to give the cops my name and address? To fight the cuts, make the country ungovernable – Solfed organising Haringey Solidarity Group on organising locally against the cuts Industrial Workers of the World – a different kind of union London […]

Anarchist Quiz

1. In what context was the word “anarchist” first used in English? » Answer 2. Where was the black flag first used as an explicitly anarchist symbol? » Answer 3. Which defunct European country lives on in an anarchist federation? » Answer 4. Which British city had a general transport strike 100 years ago? » […]

Anarchists organising

As pointed in the letter of Pho Nenayme (23rd April 2011, p11) the Anarchist Federation already supports Freedom and the bookshop in several ways but perhaps members (new or old) could write more for it. It’s good to know via this letter that Freedom would like more AF members to write for it. However, we […]

Still fighting Franco

Probably the most instantly recognisable name in UK anarchism, along with the Angry Brigade, Stuart Christie remains a figure of fearsome political reputation, not least for his attempt to assassinate fascist leader General Franco in 1964. As a young Scottish anarchist he travelled to Spain with the intention of blowing up Franco to aid the […]

No sleep till Stokes Croft

Comrades from the Bristol Bookfair collective give us their take on the day Bristol’s annual anarchist bookfair on 7th May attracted the largest turnout yet for the fourth year running, as the vitality, creativity and politics of the anarchist movement continues to attract ever greater interest. With the credibility of the established political parties and […]

Freedom #7210

State repression of the student movement Crisis and capitalism – how the Tories are benefiting from the economic slump Days of Action Against Office Angels and Atos Origin Postal workers update Bristol Bookfair Collective give us their thoughts on their big day Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair Stuart Christie: Still fighting Franco Anarchist organising – Nottingham AF […]

National Days of Action

Radical groups get upfront and active The week of 9-15th May saw not one but two national weeks of action organised by radical groups against companies involved in direct attacks on ordinary working class people. Solidarity Federation (Solfed) led a week long campaign against Office Angels, the agency that provides office temping work, after they […]

News in Brief [one]

Tesco The store in Bristol that made headlines recently as audacious example of people power is to reopen despite the hostility toward the retail giant. Both Tesco top executives and the Avon and Somerset police have declared economic war against the local community who have made their feelings quite clear what they think of another […]

Sheffield gets the anarchism

Another important day in the political calendar is the Sheffield Anarchist bookfair, this year taking place on 21st May at Bank Street Art centre in the centre of town. Building on the success of last year’s bookfair which was their first ever, and despite being put together on a shoestring budget they managed to pull […]

Education backlash

Repression of the student movement On May 10th the ongoing student occupation at London Metropolitan University was forcefully evicted just before midnight as a small group of occupying students prepared to bed down for the night. It was a violent operation instigated by the university against its own students as bailiffs forced their way into […]