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Monthly Archives: April, 2011

London squatted social centres raided

Police outside Ratstar early this morning Update 1.02pm Met police issue press statement: Update 12.00pm As far as we are aware police have left the Offmarket social centre and Grow Heathrow site, but the operation is still ongoing at the Ratstar. There is currently 12 TSG vans outside the building with a crowd of […]

Mayday 2011 – What’s on

Radical events organised on and around 1st May across the UK London Anarchist Public Assembly Sunday 1st May 11am, Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0DP A celebration of our strength // Anarchist Public Assembly Speakers * Music * Infostalls * Fun In the winter of 2010 the nation’s school and university students showed that it isn’t only […]

New issue of Freedom out now!

Latest edition of Freedom (Vol 72 No 08) A Right Royal Cock-up is now available to buy. Either direct from Freedom bookshop or any good radical bookstore. Alternatively take out a subscription. More…

Latest issue of Freedom (7208) out now!

Latest edition of Freedom (Vol 72 No 08) A Right Royal Cock-up available to buy. Either directly from Freedom or at all good radical bookshops or social centres. Stockists: » Freedom Bookshop, London » Housmans, London » Cowley Club, Brighton » Kebele, Bristol » Common Place, Leeds » Sumac Centre, Nottingham » News From No-where, […]

A right royal cock-up

The anarchists, the press and the provocateurs Provocateur poses for the press The wedding of a future king of England, and heir to the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, is always going to attract a frenzy of speculation and hyperbole, especially during a period of political uncertainty and social unrest. At a time where a […]

New items in the shop

We have a brand new selection of goodies in the shop. All are available to buy either in store or via phone or email, by contacting the shop to place your order.

New in Shop

Some new items in the shop Property Is Theft!: A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Anthology Author Pierre-Joseph Proudhon/Iain McKay (editor) Price: £20 (£5 off published price) Publisher: AK Press ISBN: 978-1849350242 Bakunin proclaimed “Proudhon is the master of us all,” while for Kropotkin he laid “the foundations of anarchism.” Property Is Theft! collects his most important works […]

Anti-Anarchist Crackdown

In a repressive wave against anarchist insurrectionaries across Italy, five comrades of the Bologna group Fuoroligo have been arrested, and seven others have been cautioned and put under restrictions. According to recent updates a sixth anarchist has been arrested in the city of Ferrara. The arrested have been charged with ‘subversive association with criminal intent.’ […]

Chilean Anarchist Prisoners on Hunger Strike

April 11th 2011 marked the 50th day on hunger strike for the Chilean comrades listed below who stopped taking food on 21st February. They have so far spent 180 days in prison accused of membership of an illegal organisation and some specific individual charges relating to attacks attributed to anarchists over the last few years. […]

A mayday for May Day?

So the expected plans of the ConDem Coalition to get rid of the May Day bank holiday have been announced, albeit with the myth of consultation. At least the bastards are being honest; they are doing it purely to boost tourism, business, and profits. Into the mix they introduce an unhealthy dose of nationalism with […]