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Monthly Archives: March, 2011

Mob Rule in West London

March 26th report back from Whitechapel Anarchist Group For many of us, March 26th was set to be the big one.  The anger and spontaneity of the student movement, but joined by other people from all walks of life who’s very survival is being threatened by the cuts.  We wanted to join the dots and […]

Putting in The Ritz

SchNEWS emergency bulletin on the M26 demos in London “HUNDREDS of anti-royal anarchists ran riot across central London yesterday, turning a peaceful demonstration about spending cuts into a class war” – Sunday Express Well – somebody had to do it. – The TUC’s glad-hand fest was never going to change the ConDEMS course by even […]

Violence at TUC demo

Violent thug who seriously injured a girl at yesterday’s protest Freedom exposes one of the known hardcore troublemakers intent on violence at the March 26th demo. Police went on the rampage yesterday as they attacked random people in the streets during the massive anti-cuts demonstration. Official figures put the number of people injured by police […]

We salute their indefatigability

Photo: Pennie Quinton

What is anarchism?

Well that depends on who you ask. But most anarchists would agree it is an ‘anti-capitalist’ and revolutionary political philosophy that rejects the state and all forms of institutional authority. Anarchists therefore have developed anti-statist responses/interpretations of communism, unions, property, collectivism, gender and issues surrounding all forms of power. Anarchism has its origins in the […]

A Sideways Look

The demonstration called by the TUC against cuts on March 26th promises to be one of the biggest for a long time. It is also likely to be quite militant. For many people, there will be specific reasons. For others it will be a general sense of unease at what the government are planning. However, […]

Prison News

As in many countries, prison labour is a key feature of the American prison system. In state and federal penitentiaries across the country a massive captive workforce is put to work everyday making a huge range of items on behalf of Unicor, the Federal Prison Industries arm, or individual State prison labour organisations. These products […]

Industrial Workers of the World

A different type of Union The Industrial Workers of the World are unlike any other Union in the UK. We are a direct action, syndicalist (or “organising”) Union that is structured along the lines of a minimal hierarchy that is subject to the principles of direct democracy from local General Members Branches and Industrial Unions. […]

Democracy as the alternative

Time for the self-organising revolution Today many thousands of people are ‘marching for an alternative’, but to my mind very few, if any, are expressing a truly convincing or appealing alternative to short term cuts and the long term privatisation, degradation of public services and dominance of profit seeking business that has been happening without […]

From financial crisis to rebellious contagion

Since the official declaration of a systemic crisis in capitalism, broadcast live on 24 hour rolling news channels, the crisis has failed to be replaced by a substantial recovery. The domino effect reflects the reversal of the relative strengths of the countries involved, as the state becomes the only means by which apparently anti-state free […]