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Monthly Archives: June, 2010

Getting Active: Local it up

♦ West Glasgow Against Poverty (WestGAP), the long-established, independent, community-based anti-poverty charity opened its doors on Saturday 26th June to launch WestGAP 100, a new community fundraising initiative. Hundreds of people came to their Community Advice and Resource Centre in Partick, Glasgow to find out about the group, its activities and how they can contribute […]

Zomia and the history of state-making

As children, we all studied ‘history’ in school. Initially we studied national ‘history’, and later on as we moved up the intellectual ladder we studied international ‘history’. When we weren’t studying the glories and achievements, and the development of our particular nations, we were studying ‘ancient history’. Things were made to appear quite cut-and-dry. At […]

Social Festival of Anti-fascist Culture, Bologna 2010

A report back from the international anti-fascist festival in Italy Freedom were invited to attend the annual “Festival Sociale delle Culture Antifasciste”, Bologna, an initiative that started in 2009 and organised predominately by “Ex-Mercato 24″ a social centre based in Via Fourivanti, a popular working class neighbourhood in central Bologna, in the process of mass […]

Squatters, Sexism and Football

A squatters’ football tournament was held on Hackney Marshes in London on Saturday 22nd May. We were disappointed to hear about what happened on the day. It appears that one of the teams (who we’d quite like to name and shame although our sources aren’t sure of the exact miss-spelling used: the “Semi-Sicotix”?) couldn’t handle […]

The English Defence League

Who are the EDL, what motivates them and why are we unable to connect with the very people they are attracting – the disenfranchised working class. Once again working class kids are out on the streets, kicking back at authority, attacking conservatives and the cosy status quo, standing up for freedom, ridiculing religion and battling […]

DSEi protestors acquitted

Photo courtesy Last Hours Protestors arrested outside the dinner held for delegates of the DSEi [Defence Systems and Equipment International] arms fair were all found not guilty in court of breaching police orders. The seven protestors, who were part of a 30 strong demonstration outside the London Hilton hotel on September 10th 2009 against the […]

Inquilab Zindabad!

“Revolution necessarily implies the programme of systematic reconstruction of society on a new and better adopted basis, often necessitating complete destruction of the existing state of affairs. It was one of the illusions of each generation that the social institutions in which it lived were natural and permanent. Yet for countless years social institutions had […]

Deep Economy

A two part analysis by John Griffin exploring the contradictions between green economics and radical ecology PART I: ecology economics and culture in relation to anarchist theory The recent Copenhagen talks on climate change showed the huge gulf between what most ecologists say, and the behaviour of most people and their governments.  Most appear to […]