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Monthly Archives: May, 2010

Universities forced to spy on students

New legislation is a step further in criminalising overseas students The outgoing Labour government came under fire from a coalition of universities for sweeping immigration changes effecting foreign (non-EU) students and the universities they study at. The new rules were announced only two weeks before coming into effect on 6 April, the day Brown officially […]

Direct Action for Houses

The original article appeared in War Commentary 28th July 1945, written by Colin Ward. A little while ago War Commentary reported the arrest of seven families who had settled in an empty 20-room mansion and a cottage at Blantyre. However the case ended it was, as this paper pointed out, “an indication of the kind […]

First Sheffield anarchist bookfair

The famous industrial steel town of Sheffield is hosting its first ever anarchist bookfair this weekend, Saturday 22nd May. Organised by the local anarchist movement under the banner of Sheffield Anarchist Book Fair collective, and held in the city centre’s popular Corporation night club, it is set to be a weekend of intense political activity […]

The fans of St Pauli – In pictures

All photos Max Reeves The fans of St Pauli Related article:

Crisis in the clouds

Update on the controversy caused by the volcanic ash clouds and the threats to the airline industry As Freedom goes to press, another ash cloud from Eyjafjallajokull is drifting towards British airspace, shutting airports and provoking outrage from airline bosses. No matter how much money Sir Richard Branson is losing, or how loudly he complains […]

St Pauli: Pirates of the League

FC St Pauli the Football Club beloved of radicals everywhere is 100 years old this month. As part of the celebrations a collection of former players and other “St Pauli All Stars” will be playing a friendly match against FC United of Manchester, The Red Rebels, and Republican’s favourites Celtic. A St Pauli statement said: […]

Defiant Middlesex students

UPDATE: OCCUPATION ENDED. The students decided to end their occupation the afternoon of Saturday 15th May after a court injunction came in to effect that morning. The occupiers remain in belligerent mood despite the bullying tactics of the university management. As they declared upon leaving – This occupation is over; the campaign continues. Occupiers at […]

A very expensive cop

The overtime bill for the police has reached an unprecedented £400m as independent research reveals the true cost of keeping bobbies on the beat and criticises the current price we pay for the police. It also recommends a fundamental rethink in the role and purpose of the police. The report by The Centre for Crime […]

Under the Volcano

Freedom takes a look at response by the airline industry to the recent volcano eruption in Iceland and questions the economic motivations behind it. Within the past week, increasingly serious concerns have been raised over the motivations that reopened UK airspace to commercial flights after Eyjafjallajökull’s ongoing eruption spewed a cloud of fine volcanic ash […]

Days like these

Photo courtesy Maqui, Indymedia Given that this year’s Mayday fell on the same week as the most unpredictable and unsecured of general elections in living memory – where politics were high on everyone’s agenda, anarchist fundamentals should have been beating out like tribal drums, fearlessly and incessantly, across the political landscape. It’s clear from the […]