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Monthly Archives: April, 2010

Election Special

The latest edition of Freedom newspaper (Vol71 No8) “The Election Special” is now available.

To order a bundle to distribute text your address and how many (for postal cheapness they are sent in 18′s) to 07913 865 928 or contact Freedom Bookshop on 020 7247 9249.

Anti: manifesto – 2010 Election Special

The issues behind the election promises Once every five years we are asked to vote for MPs who we entrust to make decisions on our behalf for our best interests. Parliamentary democracy is based on the illusion our needs and our concerns will be best represented by those we elect. In reality MPs in power […]

Power to the people?

The 2010 general election promises to be a fight between the future ideologies of capitalism For the past month or so people in the UK have been exposed to intensive media saturation on behalf of the three major mainstream political parties (and the shock troops of the smaller parties), bombarded with imagery, soundbites, and paper-thin […]

Freedom’s 12 page election special

Freedom newspaper will be producing a 12 page¬† special edition to coincide with the forthcoming general election. We will critically analyse each of the three mainstream parties election promises and manifesto pledges, along with the minor left and right parties, examining the failure of each over what they are able to deliver to ordinary people. […]

Educating who about what

University figures revealed Despite the threat of massive job cuts across the whole of education the latest official figures show the income of UK universities has risen by over ¬£2bn in the last academic year largely due to the increase in tuition fees. The statistics published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency includes all 165 […]