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Monthly Archives: February, 2010

John Rety: “The point is this”

Obituary by Milan Rai John Rety, chessplayer, Freedom editor, novelist, poet, publisher, painter, pacifist and lifelong anarchist and activist, has died at the age of 79. John confessed in a radio interview in 2008 that he became aware of anarchism “quite late, really – I must have been 13 or 14.” This was during the […]

Freedom editorial

It’s been a bleak beginning to the year 2010. Not only has January been the coldest month in over twenty years, right in the middle of a global recession and continuing financial crisis, but we have lost, in quick succession, some of the greatest political minds, radical thinkers and inspired anarchist comrades of our lifetime. […]

Anarchists in action

Freedom takes an occasional look at the goings on within the anarchist movement and here reports back on the recent Anarchist Federation delegates meeting, their future plans and ongoing activities. The National Delegate Meeting of the Anarchist Federation took place on January 30th/31st in Glasgow, attended by 35 members. This was a sign of the […]

Greek capitalism – a tragedy in several parts

Greece is the latest in a line of countries squeezed by the ongoing financial crises continuing to ripple around the world. It is an important case to watch, more so than say Iceland or Ireland, as the situation in Greece is closer to the economic positions of the UK – both have governments who form […]

Poor paying for energy profits

Crippling energy costs hit the poor and elderly as companies cash in on cold weather Households across the UK are facing record energy bills this month as a result of the recent freezing weather conditions. After one of the coldest Januarys in over 25  years gas and electricity bills are set to rise from an […]

Getting Active: Revolting students

At the University of Sussex, Brighton 106 students took militant action and occupied the top floor of an on-campus building on Feb 8th against the threat of compulsory staff redundancies and course cuts. The occupiers strategically chose the conference centre room so as not to disrupt fellow students but rather to disrupt a “key part […]

High court bans strike action

Judge’s ruling allows employers to stop workers striking A disturbing new trend is emerging in industrial disputes with the willingness of the courts to directly intervene on the side of the bosses in preventing strike action by unions. The latest example of this is the management of Milford Haven port in South Wales who have […]

Insolidarity: benefit for lifelong militant Rafal Gorski

FRIDAY 26TH Feb from 7.30pm
Freedom will be hosting a benefit for polish anarchist Rafal Gorski. Decent food ♦ refreshments ♦ live music ♦ 2 rooms ♦ solidarity kneesup… cont

Poll Tax Rebellion by Danny Burns

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Poll Tax riot Freedom Bookshop is offering Danny Burns’ definitive account of the anti-Poll Tax campaign at the special discounted price of £4.95

Shock as Unison Four lose appeals

EXCLUSIVE: Supporters of union activists disciplined for a “racist” leaflet depicting Unison leaders as the three wise monkeys have expressed their shock after the four lost their appeals and tribunals. Glenn Kelly, Onay Kasab, Suzanne Muna and Brian Debus, all members of the Socialist Party, were stripped of their branch roles for publishing a leaflet […]