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Monthly Archives: January, 2010

Howard Zinn dies

The influential author, scholar and political activist, Howard Zinn died in Santa Monica on January 27th apparently from a heart attack while swimming. He was 87 years of age. The respected academic was best known for his monumental A People’s History of the United States which chronicles the history of America from a working class […]

Getting Active: Football’s coming home

As reported elsewhere in Freedom football fans are becoming more vocal and more militant in their dissent against the corporate take over of the beloved game. The massive explosion in players wages and transfer fees, exorbitant ticket prices, introduction of corporate hospitality sponsorship deals, plus the celebrity lifestyles of the top players and profit-seeking owners […]

Footie fans in revolt

Fans of Manchester United stepped up their campaign against the club’s corporate owners who have continued to borrow heavily against the premier league team, taking it to the verge of financial collapse. More than 300 angry Man U fans attended a joint meeting between the independent supporters association and the Supporters Trust, a grassroots body […]

Community action against school closure

Parents from Wishaw, North Lanarkshire vowed to fight on against the impending closure of their local primary school despite being forced to end their occupation after threats by the authorities to send the pupils elsewhere until they left. The five protestors, including four parents and one grandmother, took direct action as part of the Glasgow […]

Getting Active: Getting Organised

One of the more intriguing aspects of last year’s impressive Anarchist Movement Conference was the emerging realisation amongst serious anarchists that there was at last a recognisable potential for building a proper movement. To that end it inspired a re-assessment of how anarchists choose to organise with each other, how they work together, how they […]


The recent arrest of Alfredo Bonanno on suspicion of an alleged bank robbery in Greece has exposed the risks and reopened the controversy surrounding the tactic of political expropriation. Whilst criminality remains in the arsenal of the movement on the continent, its use in the UK is rare. It is often argued that this is […]

Coping with Copenhagen

Possibly the most offensive thing about the discussion over Copenhagen is this raging desire for more discussion – there seemed to be little ecological concern for the trees present in the mountain of literature being flung about at the convergence centres and kitchens during the summit. It is offensive because it’s all so straightforward: people […]

Harsh Penalties For Russian Roadblocks

Activist groups operating in Russia are set to have the screws turned on them after Russia’s parliament began debating new proposals to fine people thousands of pounds and offer lengthy jail terms simply for blocking traffic. Each individual caught blocking vital roads or railways could face fines worth up to £2,500 and up to two […]

Les Celebs Join Migrants’ Battle

Famous faces back up picket lines French celebrities have joined the picket lines of over 6,000 migrant workers who have been downing tools and occupying work­places for the last three months against their lack of working rights and victimisation as sans papiers. Football legend Lilian Thuram, actress Josiane Balasko, star of Chocolat Juliet Binoche, comedian […]

Green Scientists Show Red Fire

Environmental researchers at state-owned group ISPRA were due to finish a rooftop occupation of their labs, as Freedom went to press, after negotiations were agreed over the firing of nearly one third of company staff. Last year saw 200 people sacked, while another 250 on temporary contracts have been put on notice that they could […]