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Monthly Archives: November, 2009

COP15: Notes From Below

This December (ten years since the alter-globalisation movements took to the streets of Seattle to oppose the world trade organization) activists from across the globe will be descending on Copenhagen to protest the COP15 round of discussion. Has the UK Direct Action movement changed in the interceding years between these cycles of struggle? And what […]

Jailed for keeping schtum‏

A 33-year old has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment for refusing to decrypt his personal computer files. Judge Hetherington declared that the man, in spite of initial police suspicions, poses no threat to national security, and made it clear that his failure to cooperate with the police and to comply with a section 49 […]

The struggle is one and the same

Is the return of workplace militancy a cue for anarchists to engage more fruitfully with the working class? Freedom takes a look at the most recent and ongoing industrial disputes and wonders whether, with the New labour government on the point of collapse, the recession still very much in evidence and the global economic climate […]

High court backs blacklisted worker

Construction worker cleared of being a “terrorist threat” in long running protest against blacklisting The High Court rejected a bid from Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) to silence an ex-employee and prevent him from picketing a power station, owned by SSE, where he was employed under contract before being made redundant within weeks of starting […]

Getting Active: Social Centres

Anarchists have always sought to build open social environments – back in 1906 The Workers Friend Club, just down the road from Freedom, became the hub for the anarchist movement of Rudolph Rocker’s day and would regularly hold mass meetings, cultural events and late night weekend dances. Such autonomous spaces developed into the social centres […]

Banged to Rights

How Britain’s political policing makes itself known It’s not everyday you make the front page of the Guardian newspaper, see a picture of yourself reflected back from the news stands, looking frankly the worse for wear, under the heading of domestic extremism. I was one of he 24 people pictured on the confidential spotter card […]

Anarchist arrested by UAF

The Anarchist Federation (AF) has issued a statement condemning Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and the actions of their stewards during a demonstration against the English Defence League (EDL) in Leeds city centre on October 31st. According to reports during the rally, attended by over a thousand militant anti-fascists, trade unionists, students and left wing groups, […]

Dismantling the Welfare state

New Labour’s new vision of a privatised benefits service New Labour took another step in dismantling the welfare state with the passing of the controversial Welfare Reform bill into law in what campaign groups are calling an all out assault on the poor, vulnerable and most needy.  The bill, which sets out changes to the […]

Getting Active: Anarchist Student Groups

University campuses have always been fertile ground for the expression of political ideas and action, from the Paris university occupations in 1968 that pre-figured a general workers revolt, to last year’s uprising in Greece where campuses were used as a base to plan strategies, encourage involvement and mobilise the population against state repression. In the […]

Immigrant workers mass raid