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Monthly Archives: October, 2009

Give Up Anti-Fascism: An Anarchist Response

An article appeared in the August edition of Red Pepper magazine entitled ‘Anti-fascism Isn’t Working’. Written by a non-aligned anarchist it was originally called ‘Give Up Anti-fascism’ (presumably as a nod to the old ‘Give Up Activism’ article written by disgruntled activists after the J18 mass mobilisation) and it is this version we shall be […]

Israeli Anarchists Celebrate String of Victories

Recent activities from Israeli group Anarchists Against the Wall have contributed to the recent resignation of hardline anti-immigration unit chief Tziki Sela, as protests grow against the treatment of immigrants in the country. Sela headed up the Interior Ministry’s ‘Oz’ unit, which arrests and deports illegal immigrants. His decision is a victory for Israeli media, […]

Dam Lies

Mozambique project a disaster waiting to happen A giant damming project in Mozambique could leave the entire region without water in order to provide huge quantities of electricity for export, according to environmentalists. The $2billion Mphanda Nkuwa Dam on the Zambezi River would shatter the already delicate balance in the region, potentially leading to an […]

Ortiz Condemned By Mexico’s Highest Court

Mexico’s Supreme Court has ruled that hated governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz was responsible for gross violations of human rights during the 2006 Oaxaca uprising – but no sanctions are to be brought against him. Ortiz, who presided over the brutal repression of thousands in the region during a mass uprising against his rule, has retained […]

Why Prisoner Support?

Prisoner support should be an essential facet of any anarchist’s political activities, yet our prisoner support groups attract so little actual support from our fellow anarchists. Why is this? Of course, it is natural for us to support someone we are close to, friends and family, or even a comrade from one’s affinity group, when […]

Where Does The Anarchist Movement Go Now?

When the Anarchist Movement conference ended back in June 2009 most people thought the event a worthwhile experience, and on balance thought it should happen again soon. The feeling was definitely positive and five or six embryonic groups came out of the final session. Oh, how memories fade. Once the conference was over the knives […]

Postal Wars

Government and bosses line up for an all out attack on postal workers As postal workers confirm their support for a national strike, bosses at Royal Mail backed by the government are preparing themselves for an all-out war with the Communications Workers Union (CWU) over the future of postal delivery services. A series on ongoing […]

Ramparts Finally Falls

Ramparts, one of London’s longest running social centres, was finally evicted in the early morning on Thursday 15th October after battling to remain open for the last two years. Bailiffs along with 45 police officers raided the building in the run-down garment manufacturing area of the East End at 5.30am, evicting the occupants before securing […]

Anarchist ‘Bookfair’ Plot

Undercover report from the anarchist bookfair Thousands of Anarchists have descended on Queen Mary College in the East End of London in a first step to ridding the planet of Capitalism and establishing a global environmentally sustainable community based on freedom and cooperation. Under the guise of a ‘bookfair’, the plotters are working on plans […]

Bone Gets Peace Prize

Veteran peacenik and leading pointyhead thinker Ian Bone has received the Anarchist Peace Prize. At a special ceremony in the secret underground headquarters beneath Queen Mary College, where the Anarchist Bookfair is held, comrades from all sections of the movement gathered to praise the one anarchist who has constantly refrained from infighting and sectarianism. The […]