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Monthly Archives: September, 2009

Solidarity with Serbs

Anarcho-syndicalists arrested over ‘terrorist’ attack in Belgrade Solidarity Federation, the British section of the International Workers Association (IWA) held a demonstration outside the Serbian Embassy in London on 11th September in support of five anarchist comrades arrested in Belgrade on false terrorism charges. Other groups who also attended the protest to demand the immediate release […]

‘Bloody Thursday’: An account of the 1934 West Coast Waterfront Strike

Two black draped trucks, bearing a coffin each, headed the 1,000 strong funeral procession as it made its way slowly through the San Francisco streets lined with 50,000 people who stood in silence out of respect for the two strikers killed by police just four days before on 5th July 1934, a day forever recognised […]

DSEi 2009: Disarming the arms trade

Sophie Williams reports on all the action and analyses the police response Normally, I wince when people start shouting ‘Whose streets? Our streets!’, mostly because the chant is generally accompanied by hordes of riot police battering us into a kettle, and it is painfully obvious who really controls the streets. However, when Disarm DSEi visited […]

Administration sacked in Oaxacan town

Section 22 of the teachers’ union in Oaxaca, Mexico, seems to have won a partial victory in its campaign to oust the existing govern­ment in San Pedro Jicayan.The Oaxacan Legislature agreed to remove powers from the town’s administration in an extraordinary session and declared the town to be in a “state of ungovernability”. Salary payments […]

Assassins from Spain’s Dirty War go to court over violent drug offences

Recently-arrested drug traffickers in Spain have been connected to state sponsored death squads from the 1980s – and activists say the story is being buried by national media outlets.Earlier this year seven allegedly heavily-armed cocaine traffickers were detained in a Madrid-based operation which saw widespread coverage from mainstream sources. However links between several of the […]

Notes from the United States

The founder of the world’s largest and most controversial mercenary army, Xe Services (previously known as Blackwater), has been accused of committing murder. Last month two whistle-blowers, one a former member of Xe’s management team, alleged Erik Prince may have murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals who were co-operating with federal authorities investigating the […]

Massacre report buried by state

Human rights lawyers are demanding the full release of a government report into an army massacre of around 200 people in Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields. Zimbabwe Lawyers For Human Rights say the government has been attempting to bury the report, which has already been leaked online, to avoid pulling the army out of the region. […]

We are all Mesrines

“If we sack the banks, it’s because we have recognised money as the central cause of all our unhappiness. If we smash the windows it’s not because life is dear, but because commodities prevent us from living at all costs. If we break the machines it is not because of a wish to protect work, […]

Economic Commentary

The second part of John Griffin’s look at the financial crisis Back in August, Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, urged that Quantative Easing be increased to £200 billion (See Freedom, 12th September 2009). The financial columnists wondered what-does-he-know-that-we-don’t? Well, now we all know! On 2nd September, the Bank of England revealed that […]

Activists and ex-Vestas workers blockade export of wind turbine parts

September 17th saw a National Day of Action in support of the ongoing campaign to Save Vestas and demand for Green Jobs. Groups from cities around the country including Birmingham, Cardiff, Newcastle and Manchester organised a visible demonstration of solidarity for the 600 Vestas workers who lost their jobs over the summer when the government […]