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Monthly Archives: July, 2004

Back In The USSR

Instead of judging them by their noble intentions, we should assess the Bolsheviks by their actions This year marked the 80th anniversary of the death of Lenin. Given that Leninism is still the dominant theory in what passes for a revolutionary movement in Britain, it is useful to discuss the only reason why this authoritarian […]

Fighting Sainsbury’s GM Food Scandal

Christmas-cancelling supermarket group Sainsbury’s were in trouble again last week, as protesters closed much of their distribution network. Over a hundred people from across Britain struck five major distribution centres in the early hours of Thursday morning, shutting down 70% of their total capacity. The troubled corporate giant was targeted over its continued use of […]

FBU Severs Link With Labour

The trade unions start to break with New Labour, but that’s not enough, argues Iain McKay The Labour leadership lost the support of another union recently when the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) severed its 85 year link with the party. Intense anger at the government’s treatment of them during the recent nine-month dispute resulted in […]

Iraq: The Facts So Far

A few things which won’t be mentioned in the mass media over the coming weeks. Murder Combining all Saddam’s atrocities together still doesn’t add up to the number of people estimated dead from UN sanctions, but even ignoring this, the US and UK governments helped him perpetrate most of them. Iranian war: one million dead […]

Workers Against War

Snippets of organised workers’ opposition to the war on Iraq, roundly ignored by the mainstream media. Italy: A one-day general strike one 2nd April, 2003 was organised entirely by the rank-and-file ‘base’ unions and anarchosyndicalist USI. Despite the fact the traditional unions did not back the action, one million workers struck and 250,000 demonstrated across […]

One Law For Them …

What a week its been for the ‘defenders of freedom’. Sovereignty has been restored in Iraq. The US Supreme Court has decreed that the Guantanamo Bay detainees are entitled to legal representa-tion. Saddam Hussein was produced in court in Iraq to be tried for crimes of genocide. The war against terror had delivered democracy to […]

News From The Inside

Freedom for Prisoners As many of you may know, Freedom provides free subscriptions to anyone in prison. If you have friends or family in prison, or regularly write to a prisoner, if they are interested we will be happy to send them a free sample issue or sub. If you are a prisoner yourself we […]

UK Inequality Rising

Inequality is at the highest level for forty years. Inequality rose by 40% between 1979 and 2001, with almost half caused by cuts the Tories made to benefits and top rates of tax in the 1980s. The pay gap between men and women stands at 40%. The poor are getting poorer, with the number of […]

Army Grounded

T he trade unions of South Korea’s two airlines, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, declared last week that they will refuse to transport any materials related to military intervention in Iraq. Members of the Association of Airline Unions (AAU), which was founded by workers in both national Air carriers and employees of the Incheon International […]

What’s Iraqi For ‘Newspeak’?

The media fanfare pronouncing that ‘sovereignty’ was transferred back to the Iraqis at the end of June showed how it bows down to power. That they could, in the main, report with a straight face that the Americans giving limited powers to a group of US-appointed Iraqi politicians shows a willingness to genuflect that knows […]