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‘Detention Centres – Shut Them Down’ – Deportation and Resistance


Movement for Justice have been holding ‘Surround Harmondsworth demonstrations in protest of the inhumane conditions in detention centres. Saul Jay reports.

Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre (that’s ‘detention centre’ to the rest of us), is largest of its kind in Europe, holding up to 660 men at any one time. Built close to Heathrow airport, the constant roar of planes taking off serving as a reminder to those detained that they could be deported tomorrow. The place feels hidden, cut off and oppressive. The buildings of nondescript brick work punctuated with white barred windows, several meters behind tall, barbed wire topped fences have the same security level as a Category B (high security) prison. Read more »


‘Anything But A Crisis’ or How To Make A Prison Riot

prison cell

As a crisis in our prison system intensifies, Saul Jay assesses the current state of the UK prison system, and how the situation is ripe for an explosion.

Imagine you’re the Secretary of State for Justice– you’ve got a die-hard commitment to appearing ‘tough on crime’, which results in in a constantly rising prison population and in the same instant maintaining a neo-liberal commitment to efficiency and cost cutting. You’ve recently closed several prisons, resulting in massive staff layoffs. Read more »


Donate to Afem2014 – Help Make Anarcha-feminist Conference Happen


A callout for donations to the anarcha-feminist conference taking place October 19th 2014

AFem2014 will be an anarcha-feminist conference held in London on Sunday, October 19th, 2014.  It is being organised by a group of anarcha-feminists of varying genders, backgrounds and histories. We want to use AFem2014 to build concretely towards the transformation of our own experience, and towards toppling all institutions and ideas which oppress us. Read more »


Notes from the US: Racism, Politics, Violence and Economy

flagMonthly roundup on the state of the USA by Louis Further



Only months after admitting the uselessness of previous such projects (reported on in Freedom) the New York City Police Department has begun a spying effort which recruits Muslim immigrants in jail to act as informants. Read more »


The Monarch Of The People?


A look at the anti-monarchist sentiments flourishing in Spain by Juana Belén Gutiérrez de Mendoza.



Growing up in Spain in the Nineties and early Noughties, society taught you two main principles: ETA are evil murderers but at least they call before they bomb something, and King Juan Carlos I brought in democracy after the Franco dictatorship. Read more »


Newsflash: Labour Doesn’t Care About You

It turns out the Left can move people – just not very far or in very interesting directions. 


Seeing as how these things are usually rained out or freezing, The People’s Assembly at least managed to pick a nice enough day for their “No More Austerity: Demand the Alternative” march on Saturday (June 21st).

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Operation Centurion: An Assessment

Operation Centurion,  a two week long series of raids, ‘cracking down’ on undocumented workers, came to an end yesterday. Across the country, UKBA officers have been turning up unannounced at homes and workplaces hoping to arrest and deport people in what the Home Office has been insisting is an ‘intelligence led’ operation not at all based on racial profiling. Read more »


The Metropolitan Police Cannot Be Trusted With Water Cannon

Wasserwerfer water cannon in action.

Yesterday the Metropolitan Police got what it has been publicly lusting after since the riots of 2011. The deputy mayor for a policing and crime has given the Met permission to buy 3 water cannons from German Federal Police. Read more »


Operation Centurion Enters Second Week: What You Can Do


The Home Office’s two week attack on undocumented workers got off to a bad start, with an extensive list of UKBA targets being leaked to groups including the Anti-Raids Network. It is due to the hard work of these groups  that workplaces were almost uniformly notified of the impending attention. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of activist groups, there have been reports of arrests in East London, Chippenham, Bristol and Walsall.

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A tribute to Albert Meltzer

Albert Meltzer - January 1920 – May 1996

Albert Meltzer: January 1920 – May 1996

May 2014 is the eighteenth anniversary of the death of Albert Meltzer. To mark it, the Kate Sharpley Library collective have put together this (small) collection of quotes to salute our comrade...
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